Another last race

Last weekends race took me to the nearby Duisburg track for the last outdoor-race of the season and also for the last ever race on this track. The RCRT Duisburg club-track has to close down after over 25 years because a youth-hostel will be built on this place. I raced there since the very beginning and I was there on the last event. Quite a sad occasion, but a very nice one as well.

Weather was perfect and so was the track. Competition was very close and to qualify 3 seconds slower meant you find yourself 5 or 6 places down the leaderboard.

I was missing some speed the whole day, cause my 17.5T Speedpassion was not able to keep up with some of the more tunable 17,5 out there.

The Gambler was doing fine but I missed the A-final and only showed a very average performance in the B.

@ Venom: The interest in my Truck was very good once again. If only it was available over here...could be a winner. *hint...hint* ;-)

So that was it for outdoor racing this year. I was never to keen on indoor-gym-tracks, which are quite common over here. So I am not sure when the Gambler will hit the track again.

In the meantime - take care and keep on racing!

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