Gambler frontend changes

I never was a 100% satisfied with the Gambler's stability in fast corners on the high-bite tracks we have here in Germany. The rear end always looks planted, but the front end needed my attention on nearly every track. I tried different oils, all possible setup-options, the Gambler aluminium steering-rack, different steering-setups, springs...everything - it didn't do the trick as good as I wanted.

The idea came while watching a video about full size racing cars of the 60's and 70's where one of the constructors mentioned the fact that the shocks must be mounted as close to the wheel as possible to work to their full effect and giving the best possible reaction to setup changes etc.

I remembered that we did this to our offroad buggys in the 90's, when we mounted very long shocks (rear shocks in fact) at the front c-hubs. The most outward point possible.

So I constructed a plate which mounts to the original shock-holes on the lower arm. The plate has 5 holes to mount the shocks. This not only gives more variations to mount the front shocks, but it also brings the lower mount nearer to the outside of the front-arm. It also requires to use a shorter front-shock. But I did use the shorter Traxxas Big-bore shocks anyway, so it fits perfectly.

The plate is made of silver carbon fibre. Not very elegant looking, but for the moment I want to focus on functionality.

The changes felt great on the working bench and I am sure it will work out fine on the track.

B.t.w.: I am running the latest 70C Venom Lipo-Packs now for some extra punch! Thanks to Clint of Venom USA!

I will report on the effect of these modifications after the tests in Troisdorf.

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