Last Race of NRW Offroad Cup Series

On the Weekend of 17th/18th of September the final race of the NRW Offroad Cup-series took part on the grippy and very demanding track in Langenfeld in the west of Germany.

YESS - it has a new Venom-bodyshell, which is sporting my trademark Gulf-Racing design...at least a bit of it. ;-)

My Gambler got a complete overhaul before the race. Not only the modified bumper and the Venom aluminium steering upgrade. It also got a new Savöx low-profile Servo. I also tried a new set of Traxxas big-bore aluminum shocks. These worked extremely well. The front-shocks are 8mm shorter than the original Gambler shocks. The rears are 3mm shorter, which reduced droop significantly and gave the car a much sharper turn in. The Traxxas supplied 30WT oil was a bit on the firm side. But as it was a high grip track I left it this way and was very happy with it.

The Truck was working extremely well and gave me very quick laptimes and rocket-like starts every time. Sadly the receiver let me down a couple of times. The fail-save stopped the truck in 3 of the 5 runs, which cost me 2 to 3 laps on each occasion. I was not able to solve that because I had no spare receiver, so I had to take it like it is.

So at the end it was only a bad 16th place. But I was not unhappy, because I knew the Truck was great and it could have done much better.

I hope I am able to do another outdoor-race before the outdoor-season closes for this season. I would love to take the Gambler on the podium at least once this year.