Track testing the Gambler, Pt. II

Had a great day track-testing with the Gambler on an outdoor high-grip artificial turf track. Did some Setup-work and tire testing.

I used the 17,5T Speedpassion Spec-Motor and Cirtix Stock Sport Club Speedo. 30T pinion/81 Spur. Yuntong 5000mah 40C battery.

LRP 50WT/2 hole rear, 60WT 3 hole front. Still too soft for the track there. Will try 1-hole pistons all round next time. Used white Traxxas Slash stock-springs f+r, which worked well.

Tried stock-tires/rims, LRP SC tires and Holeshot M3 on Proline wheels. LRP-tires seem to work well, but the foam-insert does not. I will use Proline-inserts next time.

I kept the stock-radio, because it does everything I need. I never user expo and other electronic helpers. I also kept the stock servo.

I have to look after a wobbly steering and two bent rods after that day. But these are only minor issues. Car is working great. Thumbs up, Venom!


Track testing the Gambler

The Gambler is ready for track-test day tomorrow.

The truck is fitted with Speedpassion 17,5T Spec-Motor (that one has to be used in the race-series I am taking part in) and SP Citrix Club Sport Speedo. Just have to glue the tires (glueing SC tires/foams is a pain!) :-( and I am ready to go.

I wonder if you guys use diff oil.
If so, which one did you use successfully?


Venom Gambler - Rollout!

Last weekend I finally was able to do the first real rollout of my Venom Truck at some kind of BMX-track near my home. (Didn't find the time to make it to the next racetrack). So all the Lipos charged and off we go!

Before that I changed the shock-oil to 50WT all around, because I found the stock oil too much on the soft side. 50WT felt just right and it later proved that it was spot on. I did not change anything else, because I wanted to see how the truck handled in stock form.

Normally I only drive on racetracks, so I wasn't sure what to expect there. What can I say - it was nearly perfect. It handled loose dirt, small and big jumps and the banked curves great. Slow- and high speed steering was surprisingly good with the stock tires and no sign of a loose rear end.

I suspected that, because I never had a mid-motor 2WD car before. But I was absolutely convinced about this setup.

You can see how much fun it was on the pictures.

I hope at the next weekend I can make it to the track where the season-opener takes part later in April. That track has an artificial turf surface with lots of jumps and bumps. This is going to be a good challenge for the Gambler and surely I will meet some other SCTs out there

I will report on that later.



This blog is all about the new R/C Short Course Truck from Venom, called the Gambler.

The goal is to get in touch with other Gambler-owners and to exchange and share infos, setups tips and tricks all about the Gambler!


The Gambler arrives

Is it Christmas again? Noo - it's just the postman, bringing two huge boxes full of goodies from Venom. One containing the Venom Gambler Brushless and some spare parts. The other containing an unpainted body, because I want to paint it with my own trademark-paintjob later.

As far as I know it is the first Gambler in Germany. This is a big honour for me.

Brushless 3300kv and waterproof says it on the biiig box. I think it is an absolute bonus to have waterproof electronics in a car. Nearly all the offroad-tracks are outdoor here and the weather in Germany is not the same as in California :-)

Venom also included a 2.4ghz radio, which is simple but does everything you need from a radio. So I will keep that in my car.

The first impression of quaility and all around building is excellent. The Chassis comes with everything expected from a good racecar. Countless possibilities for adjusting everything you need to setup your car perfectly for every racetrack.

The most unique feature is the option to set up the chassis as mid-motor or rear motor. As I had a rear motored truck before (Traxxas Slash) and a lot of our tracks now switching to artificial turf I was happy to have a mid-motor car now, because I am sure that this should be an advantage on high grip tracks.


This is the chassis with the waterproof receiver-box in the front. I exchanged the stock 7-cell battery for a Lipo-battery. The 7-cell-pack surely gives a good performance, but as I want to use the Gambler on the racetrack I use Lipos.

I like the graphics on the gambler a lot. Makes the car unique and is waaay cooler than flames/manga/airbrush-style paintjobs.

What a great feature: an assortment of extremely cool special mudflaps. I am sure, my racing buddies will envy these :-)

The mid-motor and the very rigid shock-tower-support.

The 3-part Beadlox-wheels not only look good but they also hold the tires without glue.

The layout of the Venom Gambler

I already love my Venom Gambler. Still a very exotic car at the moment. But this will surely change soon.

I report on the first rollout and the racing soon.

Keep watching!