Venom Gambler final call!

I have not written any reports on the Gambler for some time now. But I want to show you some pix from the last race I did with the Gambler on the very hard Langenfeld-track.

Not only the track was very 'selective' but the opponents driving was extremely hard and recklessly this time...so there were a lot of casualties. So that's why I do not look very happy here. :)

First I broke my front damper stay in a crash. Luckily I had some spare parts to fix it.

In the next run the Gambler suffered a broken chassis. As I had no spare, I decided that this was it for the Gambler.

Two years racing that car now and always having a lot of fun with it. But I knew Venom has discontinued the car and given up support for their drivers (I later contacted two or three times, but not any usable answer, which was a pity, really)

I was able to finish that race day with a Traxxas Slash which I borrowed from a race-mate.

I later bought a new chassis from Ebay and decided to re-do the Gambler at some time and probably sell it.

Should be a good deal, because it has every aluminium tuning-part you could probably get for it. Well let's see.

The next race-meeting I was testing an Associated Factory Team car, but decided after that, that I will go for a Losi 22 SCT