Venom Gambler - Rollout!

Last weekend I finally was able to do the first real rollout of my Venom Truck at some kind of BMX-track near my home. (Didn't find the time to make it to the next racetrack). So all the Lipos charged and off we go!

Before that I changed the shock-oil to 50WT all around, because I found the stock oil too much on the soft side. 50WT felt just right and it later proved that it was spot on. I did not change anything else, because I wanted to see how the truck handled in stock form.

Normally I only drive on racetracks, so I wasn't sure what to expect there. What can I say - it was nearly perfect. It handled loose dirt, small and big jumps and the banked curves great. Slow- and high speed steering was surprisingly good with the stock tires and no sign of a loose rear end.

I suspected that, because I never had a mid-motor 2WD car before. But I was absolutely convinced about this setup.

You can see how much fun it was on the pictures.

I hope at the next weekend I can make it to the track where the season-opener takes part later in April. That track has an artificial turf surface with lots of jumps and bumps. This is going to be a good challenge for the Gambler and surely I will meet some other SCTs out there

I will report on that later.

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