Track testing the Gambler, Pt. II

Had a great day track-testing with the Gambler on an outdoor high-grip artificial turf track. Did some Setup-work and tire testing.

I used the 17,5T Speedpassion Spec-Motor and Cirtix Stock Sport Club Speedo. 30T pinion/81 Spur. Yuntong 5000mah 40C battery.

LRP 50WT/2 hole rear, 60WT 3 hole front. Still too soft for the track there. Will try 1-hole pistons all round next time. Used white Traxxas Slash stock-springs f+r, which worked well.

Tried stock-tires/rims, LRP SC tires and Holeshot M3 on Proline wheels. LRP-tires seem to work well, but the foam-insert does not. I will use Proline-inserts next time.

I kept the stock-radio, because it does everything I need. I never user expo and other electronic helpers. I also kept the stock servo.

I have to look after a wobbly steering and two bent rods after that day. But these are only minor issues. Car is working great. Thumbs up, Venom!

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